Elizabeth Taylor Eye Color

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Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor stage name and also more colloquially called Liz Taylor (Hampstead, London, United Kingdom, February 27 of 1932 - Los Angeles, USA, March 23 of 2011) was a English actress who developed her career in the United States, mainly featured films for major studios in Hollywood, but also worked more-casual-in theater and television. Among the many awards he won for her acting performance are: three Oscars (including one honorary), five Golden Globe Awards, three BAFTA British and the David of Donatello. Thanks to an award of Queen Elizabeth II (Dame Commander of the British Empire, DBE) received treatment Dame, male equivalent of Sir. In her maturity he turned in activism on behalf of humanitarian causes, especially the fight against AIDS.

Renowned for its spectacular and dazzling beauty, with eyes of a rare colored purple, and for her performance in films like Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Cleopatra and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, from the 1950's emerged as a the myths of the Seventh Art. It was also extremely popular for her stormy private life and her passion for jewelry.

In 1999 the American Film Institute named it the seventh best female star of the first hundred years of American cinema. 

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Much more than "an actress"

Liz Taylor had no small part of her celebrity to her hectic life, but her acting career is of great value in itself. He received two awards Oscar for Butterfield (1960) and Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966), and three more nominations, all in the category of Best Actress. Her first nomination was for the movie The Tree of Life in 1957 and was nominated for the next three years, until in 1960 it was awarded. Reached a record four nominations in consecutive years, as the actor Marlon Brando. And at maturity received a third Oscar, honorary.

It was a media star rated by whites as "bigger than life ': a star larger than life itself. It's a legend remembered female Hollywood classic, with its highly photogenic beauty, a long list of relevant movies with notable performances a turbulent hertory and sentimental.

She knew masterfully exploit their embarrassing and undeniable sex appeal and he must speak through their controversial romances. Following her affair with Richard Burton (being both married to other partners) Vatican newspaper accused her of "roaming erotic," a phrase that swept the headlines around the world. Burton came to her defense, saying it had been only five couples, all known, while other Hollywood divas sleep with anyone on the first night (while keeping it secret). Other sources close to the actress agreed to describe as fairly conventional love, say that if he married eight times, was because it was prone to fleeting adventures and wanted to formalize every new relationship with a wedding.

It is probably the actress who was declared "the most beautiful in the world" on more occasions than any other, even surpassing the so-called "most beautiful animal in the world" Ava Gardner. Her face became a symbol of perfection for decades since her teens in the 40 to maturity late in the 70's.

As famous for her film career as her love life, Liz Taylor has been the subject of the tabloids for her constant divorces and marriages and health problems: excessive alcohol consumption, obesity (he weighed almost 90 kilos, despite of her short stature), a spinal injury that required several operations and a brain tumor. In her later years came to public events in a wheelchair.

Famous also for her humanitarian efforts in the fight against AIDS since the death of her friend Rock Hudson, worked with a company dedicated to the fight and the investigation of this serious syndrome. It was for this reason awarded the Prince of Asturias Award for Concord in 1992. Also that same year participated in the tribute concert to Freddie Mercury, talking about prevention needed to combat AIDS.

Her relationship with Michael Jackson

He was also very fond of too late "King of Pop" Michael Jackson. It was the first person she called him so in an awards ceremony, hence the nickname came so popular. In addition, Michael Jackson wrote a song exclusively for her birthday, called Elizabeth I love you, and a picture with them together was included in the folder Jackson hits album Hertory.

Source of text and photo: es.wikipedia.org

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